Singer-songwriter Lacey Cains reflects on pandemic isolation in debut single '6 Feet Away'

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Singer-songwriter Lacey Cains has released her debut single '6 Feet Away'. 

Written by Lacey Cains and produced by The Online Recording Studio, '6 Feet Away' is Lacey's first single and is available now on all major streaming platforms. 

Lacey wrote '6 Feet Away' during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the song is reflective of the isolation that many experienced during the various lockdowns. For Lacey, this also came with a more personal meaning. 

She says: "Everything I do in my art is open to interpretation, but some of the lines in this song do hold a personal meaning to me. I've felt isolated throughout parts of my life for different reasons - some more literal than others." 

When writing '6 Feet Away' Lacey wanted to both capture the experience of living through the pandemic, as well as use her music as a way to connect with others through this universal topic. It is a raw and melancholic track with echoes of Lacey's musical influences, including Elliott Smith and My Chemical Romance. 

Despite the overall melancholy of the song, there is still positivity in the combination of Lacey's soothing vocals, backing guitar and a transition to a more upbeat tempo which comes through halfway. 

Lacey's sound is a combination of alternative, grunge, rock, folk, and pop. Lacey writes music as an emotional outlet and many will find identification within her lyrics. She writes honestly about her own personal challenges, as well as using fiction or metaphors to convey her message. 

She adds: "The music I make is honest and authentic. When I make music it isn't to please anyone, but I hope that the people who will enjoy it can find it and appreciate it. I believe that it's best to be your authentic self over trying to please people." 

Lacey has more exciting work in the pipeline. She is currently working on her first album "Waiting For The Sun" which documents some of her life experiences and challenges so far. 

Lacey says: "The recurring theme of the album is getting through the tough times and keeping your love for life in the end - even if sometimes you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel." 

Lacey Cains was born and raised in Russellville, Kentucky. She has been playing guitar since elementary school, performing since late middle school, and singing/writing since early High School. Despite being an anxious teenager, Lacey has always felt comfortable performing music and she has a strong passion for it. She grew up listening to Green Day, P!nk, My Chemical Romance, Sara Bareilles, Nirvana, and various other artists. Lacey also plays ukulele. Her first album is currently in the works and she has written more than 30 songs so far.