Proving The Therapeutic Qualities Of Art Creation, Janine "J9" Carter

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Proving the therapeutic qualities of art creation, Janine "J9" Carter



Proving the therapeutic qualities of art creation, Janine "J9" Carter turned personal strife into fuel for rebirth on their first album, Destructo. The album is like a multi-layered breakup album, drawing on the experiences of heartache and global upheaval.


With J9's next series of releases, the artist will be releasing each track off of their next album, Colt 45, as a single and then repackaging them as an album.  "Lonely Road" is the fifth single off of Colt 45, of 9 anticipated tracks to be released that will make up the album.

In order to bring this song to life, J9 has collaborated again with some of their friends.  On "Lonely Road", J9 got the sultry Gin Sexsmith(Sexsmith, Hello Darlin') back on vocals, along with The Dark Notice (S.A.F.E. Records) who wrote some slick rap verses making it the first rap track J9 has produced!  This one has a classic 90's triphop vibe with a bit of aggressiveness around the theme of selling your soul to the entertainment industry.


Ableton Live and Push are J9's canvas and brush of choice, with analog synths providing many of the key textural paints on their tracks.  Colt 45 is looking to be a multimedia project, with multiple videos, streams, and other goodies in the works (including 360 and virtual reality material).  


Colt 45 represents the end of an era in J9's life; it's all in the title.



Janine "J9" Carter is a human being living and making music in Toronto, Canada.  J9 grew up as a music and art geek in the small, southern-Ontario town of Dunnville, and left for Toronto as soon as they finished high school.  Although choosing to focus on a career in the visual arts, J9 continued to pursue music as a hobby, until they met their now long time friend Scott Gray (World Next Door, Tripping Hazard).


The long-time Royal Conservatory musician eventually became a member of Toronto art rock acts The Good Ideas and Tripping Hazard, before diving into the electronic world to carve out their own vision of sound. That sound is a firmly alternative take on modern electronic pop, informed by '90s trip-hop and experimental pop sensibilities (think Cibo Matto, Bjork and Massive Attack).  


Having grown up with the significant influences of Bjork, Beethoven The Beatles, J9's sound has always been eccentric, edgy and romantic, even before going electro.  J9's androgynous vocal tones, along with certain elements in the percussion, sometimes reflect J9's identification as a non-binary Metis Canadian.  if you listen carefully.  You might even notice a guitar part or two.


Cover Art: Fruitsie, J9 Michelle Sansano

Photography: Stephanie Pehar

MUA: Stephanie Roberts

Logo: J9

Mixed Mastered: Steve Lachance