Synth pop group Aves bring us late summer yacht rock anthem “Jaguar” ft. Charlotta Kerbs

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Synth pop group Aves bring us late summer yacht rock anthem “Jaguar” ft. Charlotta Kerbs

The Finnish Synth pop group Aves bring us late summer summer yacht rock anthem "Jaguar" ft. Charlotta Kerbs

"We wanted to mash up the AVES sound with 70's progressive rock anthems, to which Charlotta's soulful voice brought the perfect balance."

Helsinki based Synth pop indie dance group Aves bring us their second single of 2022 "Jaguar" featuring the vocals of Charlotta Kerbs. Similarly to the preceding single "The Seasons", the new track evokes heavy summer nostalgia, as it pulls on elements of psychedelia mixed with pop and disco.

"Jaguar" is about someone troubled by their past. As an escape from this burden they spend their days as if half asleep, dissociated from the people and events around them. One day a jaguar appears to them in a waking dream. Its grace and confidence reminds them of a purer self. Someone with the strength to break destructive habits and regain control of their life."



Aves' previous single "Doubt" received widespread support including a BBC Radio 6 premier on Lauren Laverne's show and their single "Gem of the Ocean" has racked up over a million streams on Spotify! The band has support from Spotify across the nordics alongside Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon.

Bringing together Synth Pop, Disco and Rock elements reminiscent of groups such as Empire of the Sun, Tame Impala and Jungle, Aves are setting the scene for the musical journey ahead, the track is second off their forthcoming album.


Label Kieku Records
Artist Aves
Format Single
Release date August 26th 2022
Embargo date August 26th 2022
ISRC FI-95K-09-00056



Helsinki-based Dream pop band Aves are ready to release their second studio album.The debut album in 2013 made waves internationally much thanks to the positive reception of online music publications and blogs. This attention brought Aves to perform at several of the main venues in Finland, and also abroad in Sweden, Norway, Germany, UK and Canada. The band formed by Antti Ojala, Joonas Hakava and Eino Anttila is about more than just music. The group's vision guides everything they produce from their original sound and praised live performances to the strong visual identity. For the new album Aves are returning to their Nordic roots for inspiration. The vocalist on their first single is Icelandic JFDR, whom Björk has named as one of her personal inspirations.

The track was released alongside a cinematic video, shot on 16mm film by director Harun Güler, which depicted a self-destructive relationship of two young partygoers and garnered a lot of attention on social media. The second single features Lydmor, the Danish singer known for her powerful and visually captivating performances. Many more talented European singers and songwriters are currently collaborating on the album, including Lake Jons (FIN), Lac Belot (FIN), Charlotta Curves (FIN), Shadi G (SWE), Leifur Eriksson

(IS), Conal (UK), IkeN (KEN). Produced by Kaiku Studios' Jonas Verwijnen and mixed by Luca Buccellati (Lana Del Rey, Arlo Parks) the new Aves tracks manage to incorporate influences from all over the pop, rock and RB spectrum, while still keeping true to the sparkling tropical sound that created a following back in 2013. Further elevating the new sound are the featured vocalists all bringing their own unique spice to the mix.

2022 will be an exciting year for Aves as they release five new singles (May, July, August, October, November), and finally the full album early next year. Aves has also been selected to score the music for a short film called Neon Cross, which tells an intense story about a conversion therapy cult and how its victims finally revolt and break free. The film will be directed by Inka Rusi (CalArts) and is produced by Onerva Pictures Oy and Grillimedia Oy.






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